Stop by Nopalito Restaurant and get your chile fix.

By Jessica Rodrigo For Pulse
Posted: 01/21/2008 04:52:22 PM MST

Whether you are on the southeast part of town or closer to downtown, there is definitely one place where you can stop and grab a bite to eat, Nopalito Restaurant. With locations at 310 S. Mesquite St. and 2605 Missouri Ave., both restaurants offer a quaint and cozy atmosphere. My companion and I had just gone shopping for some new school supplies, since it is that time of the year again, and decided to stop in at the Missouri location to enjoy a bite to eat.

The restaurant is a small, but is comprised of many booths and tables to accommodate both large parties and smaller groups. We sat ourselves at a booth and waited for our server. He was the only one working at the time, but he was very efficient and friendly. He greeted us with a warm basket of tostadas and warm green chile. It was nice and savory. We ordered our drinks and started to look at the menu.

The menu had many different items. There were the regulars: burritos, enchiladas and tacos. I had walked in with the same game plan as I always do: red cheese enchiladas with an egg over easy, onions and sour cream. However, I strayed just slightly at the last minute. What can I say, I have a weakness for chile con carne.

Our server returned with our iced teas and took our order. I chose the enchiladas rellenas ($6.75), which means rolled enchiladas stuffed with your choice of filling from chile con carne, beef or chicken — instead of the traditionally stacked — and served withred or green chile. My date ordered the works enchiladas ($7.10). The works meaning exactly that — your choice of meat, beef or chicken, with sour cream, an egg and your choice of chile. If I were a little bit hungrier, I would have ordered the chile fries ($3.99), smothered in red or green chile. I have not had chile fries like that in a while, which I think offers a little bit more spice than Tex-Mex chile and I am sure it is a little healthier for the good ol' arteries too.

Our waiter returned with our plates just as my date ate the last chip from the basket. I like when that happens; it is just good timing. It looked like a lot of food and I was up to the challenge. I picked up my favorite weapon of choice (logically being the fork) and began to battle. The pieces of pork were not too big and were piping hot. That was one point for enchiladas and a zero for me. Ultimately, my food won. The plate came with rice, beans and three rolled enchiladas. I could only knock off the rice, half the beans and two of the enchiladas. My date on the other hand, left only the garnish to spare. He had tasted victory that afternoon and it tasted like shredded rotisserie chicken, layered between corn tortillas with red chile, an egg over easy and sour cream. Nevertheless, the next time I have a case of the munchies, I will definitely return for the chile fries, with both red and green chile.

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